New PhD Applications

Please contact me directly if you are looking to do a PhD with me. I am currently interested in supervising students in the areas of mobile/digital money and payments, financial services/fintech, video production, interactive automotive media, internet of things (IoT), domestic and family technology use. I’m particularly interested in supervising work focusing on interaction design, with a focus on qualitative research methods (I’m especially interested in hearing from candidates with interests in ethnography, ethnomethodology, workplace studies, or video analysis, though not exclusively).

We do have some funding available for a ‘home’ student at the university: see this link to find out more. The application deadline is Friday on 31st May 2019, with the PhD starting 1st October 2019.

Research Students

I currently supervise one PhD:

  • Stavros Tasoudis – remote participatory automobile interactions (viva in July 2019)

Previous Students (10 graduated)

  • Najeeb Abdulhamid (2019) Harnessing Collaborative Technologies in Digital Disaster Response Work: An Examination of Digital Volunteers’ Activities in Processing Crisis Data. Computer Science, Brunel University London (currently: submitting minor corrections).
  • Francois Roubert (2018) ‘Intensely distributed nanoscience: co-ordinating scientific work in a large multi-sited cross-disciplinary nanomedical project’. Computer Science, Brunel University London (currently: Senior Lecturer, Westminster University, London).
  • Chandrika Cycil (2015) ‘Technology and the family car: situating media use in family life’ (co-funded by Microsoft Research), DISC, Brunel (currently: UX researcher, Google, UK).
  • Roshanak Zarabi (2011) Storing, caring and sharing: examining organisational practices around material stuff in the home, DISC, Brunel (currently: Teaching Fellow, Brunel Uni.).
  • Laurel Swan (2011) Home/work: implications for domestic technologies, DISC, Brunel University (currently Research Fellow, RCA, London).
  • Caroline Shangar (2009) Ubiquitous proximimity-sensitive systems, DISC, Brunel University (currently: project manager, Vodafone Group Plc).
  • Marije Kanis (2009) Mobile technology and socio-affective computing. DISC, Brunel University (currently: Researcher, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences).
  • Jacqueline Brodie (2004) ‘Supporting communication on the move: user activities and implications for mobile technology design’. DISC, Brunel University (currently: Research Fellow, Napier University).
  • Gabriella Spinelli (2004) ‘Distributed Cognition: Artefacts and computational space for collaborative problem solving’. DISC, Brunel University (currently: Reader in Design, Brunel University).
  • Janet Cole (2002) ‘Media Use and CSCW: A socio-organisational computational description of accounting activities’. DISC, Brunel University (currently: Associate Professor, Kingston University).

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