• Principal investigator: ‘Designing next generation touchless public interfaces’. KTP, Innovate UK. Collaboration with Ultraleap Ltd, Bristol (£150,257, 2020-2022).
  • Principal investigator: ‘Prox-I-Mix: Proximity-based Interactive Media Experiences’. Research England/UKRI International Investment Initiative (I3). Collaboration with Tampere University, Finland (£12K/ £6K to Brunel, 2019-20).
  • Principal investigator: ‘Chinese ‘Money Work’: Studies of Use and Interaction Design for Digital Money’. The Royal Society, Kan Tong Po International Fellowship, 2018 (£3,000)
  • ‘3rd Party Dematerialisation and Rematerialisation of Capital: designing and innovating credible digital intermediaries in the personal financial marketplace’. EPSRC/Digital Economy (FEC: £322,427 + £35K industrial support, 2013-2015).
  • ‘Automedia: family life, interaction and media use in the car’. EPSRC Dorothy Hodgkin Postgraduate Award / Microsoft Research (£90,000, 2011-2015).
  • ‘Family Car Media – Concept Demonstrator and Market Assessment’. EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account (IAA) – Readiness (£12,000, 2014).
  • URC seminar series: Studying Users and Designing Interactions with New Media (£2,500). Brunel Internal funding, 2011-2012.
  • ‘Proximity-sensitive communication’. EPSRC Vacation Bursary (£2,500), Summer 2009.
  • ‘On_message@home’. Microsoft Research “Create, play and learn” competitive grant award (£57,450+VAT), investigating user behaviour and developing interaction designs for domestic displays (2005-2006).
  •  ‘Senior visiting fellowship in communication’. Royal Academy of Engineering and the Vodafone Foundation (competitive grant, £7,800), Dr Oscar Juhlin (2005).
  • ‘Designing for mobile and distributed work: Technology use in Remote Settings’. EPSRC grant (£63,000) with Symbian Ltd. to design and develop mobile computing and communications technologies (2001-2004). Rated as ‘Tending to Outstanding’ in review.
  • ‘Appliance design’. Research award of £12,100 funded by the Appliance Studio, Bristol to investigate the role of space in collaboration (2001).
  • ‘Distributed cognition and organisational memory’. BRIEF award (£10,000) pump-primer funding into innovative and promising areas of research (1999-2000).


  • Co-investigator: ‘Smart Money: precision data management for distributed ledger enabled central bank issued digital currencies’. EPSRC/Digital Economy (FEC: £757,585 + £20K industrial support from Bank of England, Office of National Statistics and GCHQ, (PI: Panos Louvieris, 2017-19).
  • Co-investigator: ‘dotWorlds’, contract funded by Angle Technology and the London Development Agency (£27,000+VAT). Developing and evaluating a synchronous web-based collaboration application. PI: Dr Simon Kent (2007-2008).
  • ‘Senior visiting fellowship in communication’, Royal Academy of Engineering and the Vodafone Foundation (competitive grant, £7,500), Dr Mizuko Ito (2003-04).
  • ‘Millennium Homes: A technology supported domestic environment for frail and elderly people’. DTI Foresight/ EPSRC  (£521,000, supplemented by industrial finance). £126,870 directly managed by Mark Perry. PI: Prof. H. Wolff (2000-2002).
  • Co-investigator, £60,000 EPSRC project: ‘GROUPSIM: Developing strategies and infrastructure for collaborative simulation modelling’. PI: Dr. Simon Taylor (2000-2003).
  • ‘From user interface to customer interface’, £29,640, NCR Financial Systems. PI: Prof. Bob O’Keefe (1998-2000).

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